About Menlowe Ballet

Menlowe Ballet performs works that impact audiences through clean, fresh, and innovative choreography. Under the artistic direction of Isadora Duncan Award Winner, Michael Lowe, this recently created company has already made a mark on the dance community with its signature style.


His dance repertoire ranges from cultural to contemporary works, while honoring the foundation of classical ballet. The Diaghilev legacy lives on through Michael’s choreography which combines the best of the Ballet Russe tradition with his inventive and moving approach to dance.


The artists each possess outstanding traditional technique, yet bring their own interpretation, style and personality to their roles. Lowe’s choreography capitalizes on the uniqueness of each dancer and he designs his work to showcase their individual artistry.


Beyond all this, Menlowe Ballet offers a professional performing opportunity to elite students from the award winning, and nationally recognized, Menlo Park Academy of Dance. This dynamic new company performs imaginative and illuminating new works enhancing the dance canvas for the entire Bay Area Community.